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Major Changes to Services

Details of major changes to services will be posted here.

May 15th 2017 for five days

Go-North East service X25 will be unable to serve bus stops along Rockcliffe Way and Wrekenton Row due to emergency road works. The stops effected are all stops on Sheriff hill, Wrekenton Row and Eighton Banks. The X25 will divert via A1 straight up to Gateshead.

A shuttle bus will be operated between 06:23 and 20:56 to cover Rockcliffe Way and Wrekenton on the X25 for Monday to Friday next week.

Useful Links

Further information about disruption to services can often be found through our useful links page.

Planner Data Updates

The data on this website is supplied by the local councils in the region that are responsible for public transport. Details of new services and revised services will be included in the plan a jouney section at least 2 weeks before the service starts, unless the change is being made at very short notice. The data covers all stops on the routes.