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Mobile phones with internet can use to get the 'next bus' time anywhere in Scotland, England and Wales, straight to your device.

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If you can't get the NextBuses service on your mobile phone you can check the next bus from a particular bus stop by sending the bus stop code in a txt.

Our SMS text messaging service is simple to use and allows you to receive up to date timetable information on bus, metro and ferry services in the form of text messages to your mobile phone in an easy to read format - 24 hours a day.

Using traveline-txt

All bus stops, metro station platforms and even ferry landings each have their own code. Go to 'new message' on your phone. Type in the bus stop/metro platform/ferry landing code for the stop that you wish to depart from, and send that to the traveline-txt number: 84268. The service will quickly send back a message with the scheduled times for the next five buses due to leave the stop. You will normally get a reply within 30 seconds.

The reply to a standard enquiry will include all buses from the stop. If you just want a particular service, put in the stop code then enter a space then the service number, then send the message to 84268. The answer will now give you the next buses on the service you have asked for. This will be especially useful if the stop is very busy, or your service is less frequent.

The traveline-txt number (84268) is really simple to remember. If you look at your mobile phone pad, you will see the number goes in a circular clockwise motion around your key pad. You could also save the number in your phonebook. You may well regularly use two or three bus or Metro stops and so it makes sense to store the codes in your phone if your mobile has this facility.

Finding the Codes for Your Stop(s)

You can find the codes you need in three ways:

  • By telephoning the Traveline North East customer call centre (traveline-Phone) on 0871 200 2233, lines open 7.00am to 9.00pm, every day. (Calls cost 12p per minute plus you phone compay's access charge from landlines. Call costs from mobile 'phones may vary).
  • By looking for the code on individual bus stop plates or on the posters located at most main stops.

Cost of traveline-txt

Text messages will be charged by your service provider at your normal rate. Traveline will charge 25p per text message sent to you.