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Entering 'Time' and 'Date' Details

You will need to provide details of your preferred departure or arrival requirements. Use the 'Time' drop-down menu to select a time from the list. Note that all times are listed using the 24 hour clock to avoids confusion between 'am' and 'pm' journeys. This means times after mid-day have 12.00 added to them. For example, 2.00pm is equal to 14.00, or 8.30pm is the same as 20.30. Click to indicate whether you want to arrive by or depart at the time you have selected.

Use the 'Date' drop-down menu to select the date you would like to travel. If you are planning a journey in the future, you are advised to re-check your journey details near to the date you intend to travel, to ensure services and/or travel arrangements have not changed.

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