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Suggested Journeys

When all travel requirements have been clarified the system will provide a 'suggested journeys' screen which shows a summary of all journeys matching your requirements and lists details of individual journeys below.

Summary Table

The summary shows the fastest way of making your journey, and other journeys before and after the required time. Click on a departure time to jump to individual journey details. Alternatively, use the 'Earlier' and 'Later' buttons to see other suggested journeys which match your travel requirements at different times on the same date or use the 'Return' button to display return journeys based on the same travel requirements as your outbound journey. You can click the 'New' button to start again, or the 'Revise' button to amend your travel details.

Journey Details

Individual journey details are given for each suggested journey. The system provides details of departure and arrival time, travel time and the number of changes you will need to make to reach your destination.

Where available further information such as: stops, platform information, mode of transport, service number, operator and destination is given.

Information on any facilities is provided using symbols. Find out the meaning of each symbol by hovering your mouse over the icon, or using the key on the 'what the icons mean' page.

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